Tuesday, 3 October 2017

#IDontLikeWhatIHate, Resigned Ksu SUG PRO Cosmos Ogiri Breaks Silence - Ask For Reasons For The Delay In SUG/Nakoss Elections

Kogi State University Former SUG PRO who is known to be controversial and has in the time past raise up to topics in the SUG unions that created a buzz and saga around campus which everyone talked about for long. This time around he Is looking for answers to what is delaying a new sug/Nakoss election as the semester is getting to an end already.

Read below what he wrote....

"I really want to start analyzing the actions of the Nigerian Federal Governments and the opportunity cost of its actions and inactions with the hash tag #iDontLikeWhatiHate but then as a young man with conscience and a Christian I ask my self if I have the moral justifications to air my voice on the activities of another man's leadership style? Not forgetting so soon how the little opportunity given to me in the Students Union Government was handled. It was one of fights, counter actions and what have you - public show of shame. But that was necessary in the past, two wrongs can't make a right! One of the parties must had a genuine cause of action while the other party must be totally wrong. Two right tools can't be on a logger head and achieve nothing. One must be wrong, the other must be right.

Time is already telling on us, we beginning to know those who where real enemies of the struggle. Need I remind myself that uptill this moment as I pen down my worries that no election have been held in Kogi State University to bring new EXCOS into mother unions of the institution?

What could be the problem? In NAKOSS, aspirants have paid and bought forms for offices and first semester is almost ending. Where is their money? In whose pocket is it? Why hasn't they been election into the SUG and NAKOSS? Who is holding unto the power and for what reason is the person doing so? Why is the populace not reacting?

All these questions have cleared my conscience and I will boldly let time tell us more we need to know. I will let time heal, time speaks volumes and with time I shall regain my moral justifications to unleash my provocation on the present day Nigeria Government via #iDontLikeWhatiHate analysis of the actions of the Nigerian Federal Government and the opportunity cost of its actions and inactions.
Together, we can."


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