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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Hand Over The Mantle - Kogi State Student Cries Out For A New SUG/Nakoss Election


Government is widely believed to be an instrument through which a society is organised in order to maintain law and order as well as advance the necessary social amenities in a community....
Popularly referred to as SUG, Students Union Governments were established in various institutions of higher learning to promote unity, orderliness and smooth relationship between students, school authorities and the state or Federal Government.

It is no news that there ought to have been an election long before now in kogi state state university as the tenur is normally @n academic session ie to mean the tenur of the outgang excos has elapsed...but due to the protracted strike action, the election was not conducted as at when due....

Kudos to the outgoing SUG Executives for their tireless effect, yet as students of Kogi State University , we are being deprived of so many things because it seems we've lost our voice, or perhaps our voice have gone faint, although to some extent the council of departmental presidents has been playing the role of a union, but that is not enough....

The semester is far spent yet it doesn't seem like any thing is ongoing about the election, all the proposed date / rumors were all fruitless; imagine if the election or tenur of a Government in Nigeria was left with power for even 48hrs after due date, what do we think will happen?

Quoting the words of a Comrade....
"Need I remind myself that uptill this moment as I pen down my worries that no election
have been held in Kogi State University to bring new EXCOS into mother unions of the

What could be the problem? In NAKOSS, aspirants have paid and bought forms for
offices and first semester is almost ending. Where is their money? In whose pocket is
it? Why hasn't there been election into the SUG and NAKOSS? Who is holding unto the
power and for what reason is the person doing so? Why is the populace not reacting?

All these questions have cleared my conscience and I will boldly let time tell us more
we need to know"

And Quoting the words of another Comrade........
"By extension I am not suppose to talking about KSU Unionisms again but unfortunately it happened like this, as I'm talking to you myself has started having issue with some powers that be in KSU due to my usual way of said what I think is right for me and the entire students, we are every ready to conduct election and handover whatever in our possession but university management keep telling us stories and you know that we have a limited power as regarded KSU because students handbook's which has been their medium of threat to every one of us."

ITS not that the populace dont know about all the "truths and lies" flying all around and the least of the populace will know that there has been reason(s) why the power hasnt been handed over...People are watching far and wide and even for future purposes. Whatever the reason, we dont wanna know again.

All we demand is that elections should hold for posts in the unions (SUG & NAKOSS) this semester ASAP, for the interest of all students.... Appeal Goes to all bodies responsible for the conduction of this said election....Enough is Enough, We Need New Executives.
A new Government we Demand...
And I kept thinking through the night......

Oluwafemi yinka olinxs
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Thursday, 26 February 2015


An institution tribalism thrives is bound to experience what we're passing through in KSU.

Student Unionism in this school is nothing to write home about. All they think about is driving the "Aluta bus" and embezzling money.

It's very funny if such students begin to criticize the leadership of Nigeria.
Our lecturers were at home throughout the last ASUU 6 months strike, now who's with their dividends?

We could argue and debate ourselves about the best department in KSU, but we can't stand up to our rights, we can't vote credibly, devoid of tribal sentiments, we are all asleep and letting our visions get stagnated by those who have none.

Now, in your own opinion, what's the way forward???? How can we join hands together and make KOGI STATE UNIVERSITY even more better??


by:Isyak Adeiza Alex

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