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Monday, 9 October 2017

Anana Multimedia Present This Hilarious And Inspirational Comedy Video Titled "Look Into My Eyes" & "God Punish Poverty" | Watch

Anana Multimedia has finally dropped their two amazing comedy clips, LOOK INTO HER EYES and GOD PUNISH POVERTY These clips is sooooo funny and inspiring as well.Get ready to laugh out loud as you click the links below to watch,download and share.
Watch Below..


 DOWNLOAD "God Punish Poverty" Here ]

DOWNLOAD "Look Into My Eyes" Here ]
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Monday, 21 November 2016

Comedy Video Skit – The House Boy ft. Sunrich, Mc Wise, Mc Gold, Mc Silent

Kogi State students are on the go again as they decides to drop this comedy video they tilted "The House Boy" which features the current director of socials Sunrich, president of Kent known as Mc Silent, Mc Gold and Mc Wise.

Download and watch.

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Thursday, 13 October 2016

Lmao! See The 5 Words Nigerians Use That Actually Don’t Exist (Add Yours)

While non-Nigerians may doubt my assertion, till they manage to invent a popular version of English like we did (Pidgin English), they can keep on doubting.

Although there are many awesome things Nigerians do, we do have some face palm moments. Don’t laugh too hard at the five words Nigerians use that doesn’t exist in the English dictionary:

1. Installmentally

This doesn’t exist anywhere else except only in Nigeria. If you doubt this, just search”Installmentally” on google and watch only Nigerian sites pop up.

2. Night-Vigil

This is another one I don’t understand. Does anyone ever hold a vigil during the day?

3. Disvirgin

How hard is it to say deflowered? It must be extremely difficult because even health professionals and newsmen use this absurd word that doesn’t exist.

4. Wake Keeping (Wake keep)

Nigerians have not only made the old European custom of watching over a corpse till it’s buried
(called a wake) theirs, they have actually renamed it. Please, there is no such phrase as “wake keep” or even “wake keeping”.

5. Cunny

This is not meant as a euphemism for the female body part. When Nigerians say this word, they mean “cunning”. How is that for a giant leap forward?
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Sunday, 24 July 2016

If You Attended Kogi State University, You Can Relate To These Pictures [Funny

If you were a student of Kogi state university once or you still are, these pictures will make a lot of sense to you… Lol
Five and Six

Bad Belle… I see you


So unfair…


Be lying for your father there




Have mercy on my pocket


Keep space for me for queue, I dey come


God, why me


What am I supposed to do with my life now?


Thunder will strike you


Kip kwayet my friend


You don’t have change abi you don’t have money


Ghen Ghen… You have vexed him


Lazy people smh…


You are so good


I still like my life


So perfect..


Na only Sunday dem dey dress


… The saviour has come back home


After Lectures + Hunger + TDB + Carry Overs has panel beaten you


These social science students sef


But.. Why?




Gate fee? What’s that?


Typically Igala
Can’t you just sign the two at once so I won’t have to return?
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Monday, 18 July 2016

"I Work For The Service, Not The Money" - Exclusive Interview With Mc FunnyMouth CEO Opaluwa Entertainment

Hello MIK blog readers, welcome to another Edition of Made In Ksu Exclusive Interviews Where we interview upcoming artist and enterprenuers about their challenges, their art, and the way forward. This time around, Myself Raj-thafinxt went on to interview one of the best Mc and Comedian in Kogi State, he is not only an Mc/Comedian, he is an actor, Event Planner, business man and A minister.


Read excerpts of the interview below to get to know this young man.

Raj: Good evening sir, can we meet you?

Mc FunnyMouth: Thank you very much, My name is Opaluwa Isaiah Ojochenemi Aka Mcfunnymouth Aka mr Concept and the CEO Opaluwa Entertainment. I am a student of Kogi State University Anyigba,from the Department of Theatre Arts and presently in my Final year I am from Ofu local government area of Kogi State

Raj:Can you tell us sir, how you started off as an Mc

Mc FunnyMouth: I discover my self that the thing was inborn from childhood and I was just pushing it just like that..and as I keep Growing I decided to give it a meaning and make the impact count

Raj: How was your first performance like and which event was that

Mc FunnyMouth: Thank I said my performance is dated back to my childhood days so I can't really recall my first event but I believe it was successful

Raj: As a young, up and coming Mc, what are the challenges you do face

Mc FunnyMouth: Thank you for that question,I believe my strong challenge is Finance and getting Connect to Destiny changers that which I know will be a thing of the past surely as the Lord Liveth

Raj: Ok sir, Talking about events you have planned, tell us about them

Mc FunnyMouth: Ranging from my country Home down to were am schooling now I have planned so many Event that God has helped us to be a success and one of my event I will never but stop talking about is a program I tag Ksu Talent Invasion in which we featured a hilarious program tag miss Big BolD and Beutyful,it was a suceess and de second volume is coming up shortly

Raj: As an indigen of Kogi State, and an Igala boy, what's your perception about entertainment in the state?

Mc FunnyMouth: Thank you for this crucial question.well to say that entertainment is not welcome in kogi and In igala land is an Open lie but the challenge some of us face here is the lack of sponsorship were by people love what you are doing to the blood but not aware that they can make millions of Naira if they invest In your talent but I am always Optimistic that things will change for Good because the only Permanent thing is change

Raj: About your Inspiration to crack a joke and to deliver on stage, how do you come about it

Mc FunnyMouth: Thank you for this question, sir permit me to tell you that comedians are serious minded people, I get inspired from true life story, from books, from the Holy Bible, from the church, from my mentors and relatively from any happenings around me per time......That is why as an Mc and a comedian of the federal Republic of Nigeria I go about always with my pen and paper because as the inspiration comes I document it immediately and God has been faithful. Because He is the Father of all Inspiration

Raj: How do you handle gossips and side talks from people?

Mc FunnyMouth: Any time I notice gossip and side talk I remember one of tuface song to handle it, that song were em talk say

"if nobody talk about you then you are no body weda na tru dem talk or na lie ooo my guyi walahi......."

hahaha don't mind me
my voice don dey crack.... So that is de answer to gossip and side talk because it must always come

Raj: So what should we be expecting from you, what are your plans

Mc FunnyMouth: Good question sire,what to expect is all God decision and that same God has given us the authority to declare and see what we have declared so in no time from now,which can be any moment expect to see your Mc as a Generational impact vessel Via Entertainment because This Profession is for serious minded people

Raj: So what do you have to say to upcoming Mcs and Comedians?

Mc FunnyMouth: Well this game is in hierarchy some people pass you and you pass some people the watch word for people were we pass and people that care to learn because no body is an island of knowledge is that We all try and be Humble and we should all wait for our time also to drive my point I want to quote my no 1 mentor PST Dr Paul Enenche who was speaking about service and Diligence He said that One should work for the Service and not for the money...that is were passion comes in and a man of passion is a man of impact and a man of imapact is a man of Destiny Fulfilment like Gods Servant Pst Dr Paul Enenche

Raj: Thanks for your time sir, any final words to your fans and well wishers out there?

Mc FunnyMouth: First I want to Thank God for the journey so far and I want to Thank Him for the Future because in His Hands I am a project in progress, and the difrence will be clear if he is done, to my fans and well wishers you guys are the me you are celebrating because I celebrate you also...thanks all the way, you are all super Dope and I promise not to disapoint you guys and so help me God...To you my boss the CEO made in KSU permit me to tell you that you are going places and That same God will announce you to your world in no time from Love from the CEO Opaluwa Entertainment.. I love the 🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤

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Monday, 16 May 2016

[Comedy Video] DONT PUSH ME ENT - Na The Small Boy be This??

Don't Push Me Entertainment PRODUCER KLASSICKBEATZ was seen in this video with his gangs mokej, Mofebin, and matured mind. watch video. 100% hilarious 

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Saturday, 9 April 2016

[Comedy Video] Mc FunnyMouth - "Open Lies"

OpaLuwa Entertainment Presents This Comedy Video which Features the C.E.O of Opaluwa Entertainment Mc FunnyMouth and Monaleesa. in this video Mc FunnyMouth Was pictured Cutting a girl who turns out to be more corny than him. 100% funny.

Watch on youtube or Download on mobile.

Click To Watch On Youtube

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Friday, 18 December 2015

Friday Laugh!!!! Watch Comedian Craze Clown Compilation Skit Volume 2

Hello Guys, we stumbled on the second compilation of Comedian Craze clown with his hilarious companion “Ade”.

They are just best right or perhaps who is your favourite online comedian. Download and share your thought.

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Wednesday, 30 September 2015


MC prof is seen in this comedy video as a broker, who only borrow from his friends all In the name of packaging. Watch on YouTube, Download and share this video.
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Saturday, 1 August 2015


This is coming from North Central best stand up comedian who is known for his rib cracking and making people forget about their problems.

SOJABOY who recently released a Comedy Video titled "THE FIELD MARSHAL" is back with another Rib cracking Comedy Audio skit Titled "LAUGH BELLE FULL". This is a must download and listen comedy. Need not say much.
Brought to you by SB CONCEPT

Download and listen to "LAUGH BELLE FULL BY SOJABOY"

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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

New Comedy Skit Made In KSU - Run Of Life Pt. 2

This fresh comedy skit is a most watch comedy video. You must laugh, this is a new Comedy video... it is not a copy act. 

Download, laugh and enjoy. 

Download Run Of Life 2 here

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Monday, 4 May 2015


Download and watch the first episode of This short comedy video titled "RUN OF LIFE." Its very hilarious. Coming from MADE IN KSU.
Watch on YouTube, download and don't forget to drop your comments below.
Stay tuned for the second episode and more comedy video

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Thursday, 30 April 2015


This is fresh and dope, Kogi finest Standup comedian, mc, event planner, And the ceo of jabele ent, MC PROF, releases a spanking new comedy video titled "the dreamer" CO starring Aisha abubakar. The video was shot by Ferryblaze and Direct by Mc prof and Ferryblaze.

Mc prof is on fire. pls lets support his release by downloading the video. Also you can also watch on YouTube.
Much luv from jabele crew.....i luv u all


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Joke Of The Day:- Becareful Of The Kind Of Cloth You Put On, See What Happened

Curfew was declared while some guys went to watch match and met the soldiers on their way…. The soldiers decided to flog them according to the numbers on their clothes (jerseys)…

The first guy was wearing chelsea jersey 12 Mikel Obi… he was flogged 12 strokes
and the second person was wearing 50cent …they gave 50 strokes…on the process the third man started crying from afar…Guess what?

He is a fulani man wearing “Vote Buhari 2015“….

What do you think will happen to him?

Let me Sip my Cold Zobo and Hear what you guys want to say… lol
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Saturday, 25 April 2015


Different Types Of Banks (girls) In Nigeria.

1. A girl who asks for money all the time is called “Commercial Bank”

2. A girl who calls you For food always is called “ Agricultural development Bank”

3. A girl that uses your money to take care of other family members is called “National Investment Bank”

4. A girl who prefers to have sex after marriage is called “Social Security Bank”

5. A girl who is very faithful to you is called “Fidelity Bank” 6. A girl who loves every available man is called “Access Bank”

7. A girl who dates men from different countries is called “Intercontinentel Bank”

8. A girl who doesn't demand too much money is called “Micro Finance Bank” 9. Dating a woman older than you is called “Wema Bank”

10. A girl who is always faithful and trustworthy to her guy is called “Guaranty Trust Bank”

11. A girl whose guy disvirgin her is called “First Bank”

12. A girl who uses all ur money to buy jewelries is called “Diamond Bank”.

Ladies which Bank are you? Guys which Bank is your Girlfriend? Be honest pls.
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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Breaking news: Ceo of jabele ent, mc prof was arrested by The Nigerian police force for making naija people laugh. (see pix below)

Stand up comedian, Mc prof, who has been a household name across middle belt Nigerian. He has been the solution to so many people's problem, by making them to laugh and forget their sorrow. Recently he was Arrested by the Nigerian Police for making people to laugh too much. I don't know how that happened but it's funny Shey?? It was in a recent movie he that he stared in which would premier soon.

He is a comedian, an Mc, actor, a dancer and an event planner. He is the founder and C.E.O of Jabele ent.

Connect with Mc prof today
Call or whatsapp: 0703 790 3914
Follow him on facebook
Victor Madaki

Click Here to Like Jabele Ent official page on facebook
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Saturday, 14 March 2015

Joke Of The Day:- Don’t Be Stingy To God

This was copied:-
On Sunday, I was sitting in the church, my friend invited me for a thanksgiving, and when it was time for offering, the offering basket was passed around.

Despite d Pastor’s charge for gud
offering, I still hurriedly and secretly
pulled out N50 from my pocket and
dropped it. Just then, the person behind me tapped me on the shoulder and handed me a N1,000 note. I smiled, how generous, then majestically I looked around and put d N1,000 in the basket and passed it on, then I turned and thanked d man seriously for being so generous.

He replied “don’t mention, be more
careful next time, it fell frm ur pocket”
Whaaaat???!!!!!……. Usher please wait wrong Transaction!!!!!!!!!

Don’t laugh alone share it and make
someone smile

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Thursday, 12 March 2015


SB CONCEPT ENTERTAINMENT Presents this comedy video titled THE FIELD MARSHAL, starring SOJA BOI, ARCH ANGEL, FREDAOUS ABUBAKAR, DJ HYTEK and SOTO SK. I bet, you haven't watch any comedy video like this before. Watch on youtube or download the MP4 version.
Drop your comments after watching.

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Saturday, 28 February 2015

Photo Of The Day. Hehehehehehe......

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Saturday, 17 January 2015


Akpors was running a private counseling service where people get to send him their personal
problems for special advice. Check out his latest client’s message and decide if he is doing a good job or not:

Dear Akpors,
I am a lady aged 26 and my husband is 34. I left my husband with the maid and our baby at home one day and after driving just about 2km
from home my car engine started to over-heat so I
had to return home to get the other car. W hen I got home I found my husband in bed with our
maid. I’m so confused, I don’t know what to do, please your advice is needed.

Akpors’ reply:
Overheating of the engine after such a short distance can be caused by problems associated with the radiator. You need to check the oil
and water levels in our engine before you start
your journey. You must also make sure your car is serviced regularly to avoid problems in future. I hope my answer will help solve your problem!
Is Akpors a good counselor or not?

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