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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

#IDontLikeWhatIHate, Resigned Ksu SUG PRO Cosmos Ogiri Breaks Silence - Ask For Reasons For The Delay In SUG/Nakoss Elections

Kogi State University Former SUG PRO who is known to be controversial and has in the time past raise up to topics in the SUG unions that created a buzz and saga around campus which everyone talked about for long. This time around he Is looking for answers to what is delaying a new sug/Nakoss election as the semester is getting to an end already.

Read below what he wrote....

"I really want to start analyzing the actions of the Nigerian Federal Governments and the opportunity cost of its actions and inactions with the hash tag #iDontLikeWhatiHate but then as a young man with conscience and a Christian I ask my self if I have the moral justifications to air my voice on the activities of another man's leadership style? Not forgetting so soon how the little opportunity given to me in the Students Union Government was handled. It was one of fights, counter actions and what have you - public show of shame. But that was necessary in the past, two wrongs can't make a right! One of the parties must had a genuine cause of action while the other party must be totally wrong. Two right tools can't be on a logger head and achieve nothing. One must be wrong, the other must be right.

Time is already telling on us, we beginning to know those who where real enemies of the struggle. Need I remind myself that uptill this moment as I pen down my worries that no election have been held in Kogi State University to bring new EXCOS into mother unions of the institution?

What could be the problem? In NAKOSS, aspirants have paid and bought forms for offices and first semester is almost ending. Where is their money? In whose pocket is it? Why hasn't they been election into the SUG and NAKOSS? Who is holding unto the power and for what reason is the person doing so? Why is the populace not reacting?

All these questions have cleared my conscience and I will boldly let time tell us more we need to know. I will let time heal, time speaks volumes and with time I shall regain my moral justifications to unleash my provocation on the present day Nigeria Government via #iDontLikeWhatiHate analysis of the actions of the Nigerian Federal Government and the opportunity cost of its actions and inactions.
Together, we can."

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Tuesday, 14 March 2017


This Post was shared by Ksu SUG Public Relations Officer Ogiri Cosmos On Facebook and other social media pages.

Read the below

"Before I address the above topic let me quickly inform you that I just saw Isaac Ocheme president of KSCOEA calling on students to come out for protest. What I don't know is his legal framework and guarantee that the students will not be faced with a double jeopardy?

I leave you all to use your tongue and count your teeth. Don't forget where you come from.

I and my fellow excos from KSU are not weaklings. We have done it before and the whole world know and saw what we can do.
Don't you think we can even do more if we are ready?

We understand that until we are back to school no student will agree that we are working on something solid and out of victimization. We cannot come and protest and later start mentioning names in secret.

So I beseech every student to be calculative and watchful as a lot of people are trying to play games with your future!

Politics are been played here and for you to understand the wisdom behind Phillips assumed sluggishness you have to understand the political situation in Nigeria as whole where even at death of a Governorship Elect politics where played. Where even in the church, politics are played.

What happens if you are victimized for ever?
What happens if after the protest, ASUU refuse to go back to class - of course they won't until 100% of their issues are attended to.

What happens if things go worst after the protest and Bello holds on it to delay due process!

Hey! Don't be distracted, we waiting for the committees reports even when we know they will not provide us with 100% recommendations, let's wait for them to even present it.

If we fight now, Bello could dissolve this inaugurated committee and after much media pressure on him, he will constitute yet another committee with yet another 30 to 90 days to submit their report and recommendation.

Is that what you want?

According to Omepa Phillips, here is what he told me and I understand with him because that's the best thing to do at the moment. He said and I quote "...there will be no protest until after 31st. Because the government, university visiting panel and university council has promised that screening will be ending by 31st march and all issues will be treated before then".

The government has been pleading with him to keep the students calm and calmness I beseech everyone.

You and I know that the best time to fight in other to win comrades solidarity, people's sympathy and the Nation's security is when you have made proper consultation, and consolidation of rationales.

We will protest but not until after the ultimatum elapse.

I want to intimate you that any protest without Phillips Omepa is illegal. In this background I want to reassure you that he needs your support now than ever because the Government is really investigating every of his movements and actions from the SSS office.

Just yesterday he was interrogated over plans of using the students to stop the day to day activities of the patriotic people of Lokoja and the State government. If this people wants to get you, they know the perfect language to use.

Also, same yesterday he was tipped and interrogated over a meeting he did not attend with Sen. Dino.

Now you have to understand the President position over insisting on due process.

A meeting was actually held with Senator Dino but KSU SUG president was not there.

In fact he was impersonated by those trying to use students to fight the government for political reasons.

Here are the names of those present in the meeting with Sen. Dino melaye - Tom Ohikere, Austin Okai and our own very State APC chairman.

Now, read the names over again and you will understand the reasons why they are agitating seriously for a protest. These people are not fighting for your interest at all. They are aggrieved against Phillips Omepa because he debunked the earlier protest they planned.

They have succeeded in buying the following students over to parade and impersonate the Students Union Government.
The students that impersonated SUG in the meeting are: abdulrazak jimoh bello, abubakar isah, and ibrahim hadi adinoyi, Phillips Omepa was not there.

They know how strong KSU SUG is, and they know we can't not be bent to allow our students to join a badly planned, ill timed and a death trap strategy.

So, after all efforts to push Phillips Omepa into calling the students to the streets of Lokoja they form the 1million naira scandal against the union so students will turn against the unionist.

This is a plan perfectly drafted out not for the interest of the students but for selfish political interest.

Logical conclusion would have it this, how can the same government who has bribed Omepa Phillips be investigating him as a perceived enemy.

Let's wait and see what next after 31st of March.

Phillips Omepa needs you and I now more than ever, he said in his own words "Am been fought by students and am also been fought by government.
if the students are waiting for me to fight alone this time for the strike to be called off then am only but one man. But what am waiting for to fight is our unity and am not seeing that yet. They can arrest one man i.e me but if we fight together, they cannot arrest us all"

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Thursday, 9 February 2017

See The provoking Post The Outgoing Kogi State University SUG P.R.O Cosmos Ogiri Shared About Ksu ASUU Strike

This is what the Outgoing Ksu SUG p.r.o Cosmos posted on his Facebook timeline some days back about ksu ASUU strike

Read below
“It's now that KSU students will know the Value of Phillips Omepa and Hadi (NAKOSS president).
Risk our life, the hope of our parents, our dignity and career to stand on a high way six to six fighting for the students right to education only to come back home with the feelings of an hero but to hear same students we fought for call us weaklings, that it was NANS that led the protest.
Our glory was sold to NANS.
We where called rogues and kidnappers by the media believed to be that of the Executive Governor of Kogi State.
I see the SUG president seriously putting the excos together after months of neglect.
I see the SUG president having the sympathy of the students by heart again.
But read my graduation speech, nothing again will make me repeat such event again in my life.
Not for Kogi State University students again.
Let's wait for NANS to come and do it again. Mhew!!!
I hail all the comrades who came out like me, risk their life in that dreaded road admist all threats, Aluta Continua Victoria Acerta.
We shall meet again in a greater struggle"

Is he right??
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Friday, 23 December 2016

[Music] Lawizee Oj – My Baby Gallant (Prod. By Onuh Jae)

Lawizee OJ of Viralwap Empire decides to drop a brand-new jam, club banging hit titled “Baby Gallant”, produced, mixed and mastered by legendary Onuh Jae. This is the jam that will get the girls going gaga this festive season….. Happy Xmas to you as you Download listen and share!
Listen & Download “Lawizee Oj – My Baby Gallant (Prod. By Onuh Jae)” Below;

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Saturday, 9 July 2016

Tha viral CEO viralWAP Empire Set To Sign Two New Acts

Ogiri Cosmos Aka Viral of viralWAP empire and current SUG PRO set to unveil his new acts signed for N200,000 each, a song featuring at least one A list Nigeria Artist and of course a video.

Who could they be, keep anticipating.

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Monday, 1 February 2016

Is Becee Scared of Emmy Viral? He Promise to Burst Becee’s Head during Event. (See Tweet)

Emmy Viral in an early morning tweet while every other persons where getting ready for the first ever Kogi state university industry nite yesterday has vowed to disrupt the event by bursting one of Kogi State University rapper, Becee, should he step on stage for performance.

See further tweets from Emmanuel Ogiri Cosmos, (Emmy Viral) as he threaten heavily not to meet Becee on stage during the event.

Reasons of his outburst and warning are yet to be known. Unfortunately Becee did not show up for Ksu Industry Nite

Can it be that Becee is scared of Emmy Viral's Threats?

We wuld keep you updated as more stories unfold.
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