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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Mercy Johnson and her team (Bimbo Akintola, Francis Duru and Frank Rajah) are Ready To Storm Kogi For A movie Audition (Read Details)

Aspiring actors from Kogi are you ready? Because Mercy Johnson and her team (Bimbo Akintola, Francis Duru and Frank Rajah) are. Read details below.

Kogi Movie Audition: Mercy Johnson Launches Talent Hunt for 'Inikpi'

By Isyak Adeiza Alex

Poised to deliver on the "New Direction" mandate of placing Kogi State on the radar of development through the entertainment industry, the Senior Special Assistant to the governor on Entertainment, Arts and Culture, Mercy Johnson Okojie has commenced the "GYB Talent Hunt" for young actors and actresses to be featured in "Inikpi," a folklore movie project from her office. 

In a press statement signed by the veteran actress, the talent hunt scheduled to commence on 17th August, 2017 across five notable districts of the state, will help to launch the acting career of the youths in mainstream Nollywood.

It would be recalled that the Actress had hinted on the 26th April, 2017 during the first ever Kogi Summit on Entertainments, Arts and Culture that she would be shooting a movie based on one of the prominent stories of legends in the state. 

She also revealed that she would shop for talents from the various tribes in the state as a panacea to unite the people.

“This is my way of giving back to the state that made me who I am. I have been incredibly blessed to have played my little part in the revolution, that is Nollywood, and it is now time that my brothers and sisters in Kogi state get the same opportunity," she added. 

The search for Kogi state’s future Nollywood stars is billed to commence on August 17th at the Civic Center in Okehi; August 18th in Kabba. 

The team will also be in Ayingba on the 19th at the Theater Arts Hall, Kogi State University; and Idah on the 20th, at the Idah Local Government hall. The search ends in Lokoja on August 20th, at Reverton.

Joining Mercy Johnson-Okojie on the judging panel are some of Nollywood’s most reputable acts such as Bimbo Akintola, Francis Duru, and Movie Director Frank Rajah. 

The first prize winner will be taking home 250,000 naira and a lead role in the upcoming movie, while the first runner up will receive 150,000 naira and a key feature in the movie. The second runner up will win 100,000 naira and a feature in Inikpi. 

'Inikpi’ is a Kogi folklore that tells the story of an Igala Princess ‘Inikpi’, who out of love for her father and her people, gave her life to save the Igala land from total annihilation in the hands of their enemy, the Bini Kingdom.
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Monday, 14 August 2017

Video: The originality of Hon. Ahmed Mohammed, deputy majority leader representing Ankpa ward 1 Kogi state, Nigeria.

The originality of Hon Ahmed Mohammed, deputy majority leader representing Ankpa ward 1 Kogi state, Nigeria.

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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Gov. Bello, Pay Civil Servants and Stop Trying to Convince Them That They Have Been Paid – Pius Adesanmi

Welcome home, son of Isanlu.
That was not the voice of one person. That was not the greeting of one voice. That was the voice of hundreds of Isanlu sons and daughters who had sniffed my presence the very moment our tires kissed the earth of our source. The mob… the throngs…the sea of faces.

Akanbi Eyitayo Micheal had tried to prepare me for all this. He had warned me that it was beyond foolish to think I could enter Isanlu and exit incognito when people were recognizing me and forming a mob around me in Ilorin. He said I was grossly underestimating what my work does for Isanlu. He had said: “You place us on the national map. Everywhere an Isanlu person goes in this country and mentions Kogi and Isanlu, we get anxiously asked if it is Pius Adesanmi’s Isanlu. You have no idea what that means to our people at home.”

No, I had no idea. Until the throngs started to come. Until the throngs started to follow us everywhere. Everybody insisting on shaking hands, on saying thank you Prof. Until poor Mama Adesanmi had to wait till the very last hour of our very last day in Isanlu before she could get an audience with her only son.

The real purpose of the trip was not for me to receive a Thai ego massage for two days. Last weekend was the New Yam Festival in Isanlu. I last celebrated New Yam Festival in Isanlu in 1987. Tayo said there was no chance he was going to let me miss it this year given that I am in Nigeria. I concurred.

My friend, my brother, my faithful person, Adedayo Kayode, alias Benbela, had also sent word that he would be joining us in Isanlu for the feast. Dayo is a very big man. He is a senior Accountant in the Presidency. Often I pity him when I am fighting the Presidency. The day I delivered my valedictory lecture at the end of my sabbatical year at the University of Ghana in 2014, Dayo walked through the doors of the lecture auditorium in Accra as I was about to start. He had seen the announcement by accident on this Wall, booked an Arik flight from Abuja to Accra without telling me, and showed up for the lecture. I asked why. “Because it shall not be said that you delivered your valedictory lecture without home support from Isanlu. Because of all you do for us.” May we have people in our lives who can move mountains because of us and without thinking about the cost.

Dayo is also the Bashorun of Itedo Oba, a fledgling ward in Isanlu. Itedo Oba had elected to hold Itedo Day on the day of the New Yam Festival and Dayo insisted that Tayo and I join him to the festival. It was also an occasion for me to reunite with Uncle Kunle Kayode, Dayo’s elder brother, who was my teacher at Titcombe College. Uncle KK was our library master and I was his choice for library prefect when our set “took over” in Form Four.

The photos you see of me here are all from Itedo Day. I danced and danced and took in the poesy and verbal arts of Isanlu land. But I also witnessed other dramas at Itedo Day and everywhere I went. Dayo and Tayo had warned me about the extreme poverty and suffering in the land. The last time the word, salary, featured in the life of anybody in the land was some 17 months ago. Dayo, Tayo, and I entered Isanlu with about N200,000 each. That is N600,000 just for two nights in town. By the end of day one, all three of us were talking to the manager of the local branch of First Bank for emergency bailout. We barely had enough on us for gas out of town. I refunded my own N60,000 bailout loan only when I got to Lagos yesterday.

How did three members of Isanlu elite burn N600,000 in 24 hours in the interior? Emergency poverty alleviation.  Handouts of N100, N200, N500, N1000 and all the money is gone. I do not have the vocabulary in English to describe what governance is doing to my people. What can N500 possibly do in the life of this receiver who is in tears, thanking you as if you just gave him N5 million? Well, the average picture all over town: husband and wife, both civil servants, have not been paid in 17 months. Pensioners are too busy dying to remember that they have not been paid.

Three years ago, I was in Isanlu. The person I gave N20,000 to, with lots of pleading that I knew he was worth much more than that, was accepting N1000 last weekend with tears of joy and effusive prayers. Every where Tayo, Dayo, and I went in town to celebrate and mingle with our people, we were mindful of the immense tragedy that governance has become in the lives of our people.

Yet, the state government was going to be heavily present at Itedo Day. I looked forward to what was going to happen. The Governor was represented by the Commissioner of Finance. There was a second commissioner as there were Special Advisers and other top civil servants present. The Government crew were very surprised to see me. My brother, Evangelist Kingsley Fanwo, Director-General, Media and Publicity, in the Governor’s office, gasped in surprise when he saw me. The Commissioner of Finance gasped in surprise. “Prof, how can you not tell us that you are coming to town so we can welcome you properly? Does Petra know you are in town? Evangelist Fanwo asked.

I laughed. Evangelist Fanwo already knew the answer to his own question. How can I let you welcome me properly when you and I know, as sons of Isanlu, that there will be koboko issues involved? That everything I will write about this trip, my testimony, my eye witness account, my ear witness account, will be the exact opposite of the messaging from your end. Even Petra knows that there is no way I will go to Isanlu and there won’t be koboko issues that she must pass on to her boss. Isanlu people had been trooping to me by the hundreds and in tears, saying, Prof, carry our tears to these people. Help us open their eyes to our naked poverty and suffering. Help them see beyond the rosiness of official messaging.

As the Finance Commissioner and speaker after speaker delivered the official lines from Lokoja, I was transported into the magical world of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude. The official speakers sought to present a narrative of milk and honey to hungry and impoverished people who nearly began to suspect that they were not really hungry and impoverished. The man who has not been paid in 17 months began to suspect that he has been paid all those months and just did not know it. The speeches were mesmerizing, arresting, beautiful. Pius Adesanmi even became convinced that Mama Adesanmi’s pension has been paid regularly in the last two years. The only problem is that he and Mama Adesanmi have lost the sentience to understand that she has been paid.

Ken Saro-Wiwa, via Bassey and Company in the 1980s, had famously taught Nigerians that to be a millionaire, you got to think like a millionaire. You got to believe you are a millionaire. I began to feel an eerie sense of Bassey and company as the foundation of the indignity of my people in the hands of governance. To be a salary earner, think like one, close your eyes and believe that nobody is owing you 17 months. You have always been paid. Just believe it. I went home and told Mama Adesanmi to believe that she has been paid. Why, she asked. Well, that is my takeaway from all the speeches I heard from Lokoja people at Itedo Day today.

But the people were not mesmerized for long. Nothing immunizes you against the sedative speeches of government officials like the pangs of hunger and the vibrant memory of your poverty and indignity. Where I sat, not very far from the government officials, I began to hear hisses. I began to hear “shior”. I began to “Prof, you see what we are facing now?” I reassured people: don’t worry. They are all on my Wall. They will hear from me.”
I saw the hunger.
I saw the poverty.

I visited bereaved families who have lost people on the roads to screening.
I stopped over in neighbouring towns: Mopa, Ejiba, Odo Ere, Egbe: the same cries of a people on the brink of extinction. The seething anger induced by government insouciance.

To the Kogi state officials on this wall: there is anger in the land that you people are neither seeing nor hearing because you are blindsided by official messaging. Take this message from a friend who wants you to succeed to your boss. Take it to him unvarnished. Tell him there is fire on the mountain. Do not sugar coat this message. If I get a sense that it has not been presented to him, I will bypass you and get it to him via other channels.

The people are hungry, tired, and unpaid. The screenings, a great idea initially, have been emptied of meaning and have become a source of hatred and anger against you people. I have personally warned Mama Adesanmi not to respond to any further yeye screening summons from Lokoja. Ko pidi yeye?
Pay these people. Pay these people. Pay these people.
Stop trying to convince them that they have been paid.

– Professor Pius Adesanmi writes in his piece, “Aspects of a trip to my homeland (2)”
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Kogi Assembly Violence; PDP Calls for Immediate Arrest of Ahmed Ahmed, Transfer of Police Commissioner

In a reacting to the invasion of Kogi State House of Assembly chambers by thugs today, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has called for the immediate arrest of Hon. Ahmed Ahmed, member representing Ankpa I constituency in State House of Assembly over his role in the saga.
The leader of the Peoples Democratic Party National Youth Frontier (PDPNYF), Comrade Austin Usman Okai made the call while briefing newsmen shortly after an emergency close door stakeholders meeting of the group in Abuja.
“We hereby call on the Acting President, Prof. Yemi Osinbanjo to call the Kogi State Governor and his boys to order as a matter of urgency. Kogi state is not an autocratic state and we cannot continue to tolerate this impunity. This is not democracy.
“We equally seek for the immediate arrest of the member representing Ankpa constituency in the House of Assembly for plotting the kidnap of Hon. Friday Makama using the coercive influence of thugs and some uniformed police officers. This is sheer wickedness”, he said.
Speaking further on the development, Okai described Kogi State Commissioner of police, Wilson Inalegwu as being partisan.
“With a stark dismay, we noticed the incessant political romance of CP Wilson Inalegwu with Kogi state governor. He has descended so low, shunning the ethical conducts of the Nigeria Police”
“This is not the first time the Commissioner of Police is present in a crisis recorded scene of which he failed to prevent due to his political leaning. Inalegwu is glaringly an opposition and not a neutral police officer.
“Recently, Wilson Inalegwu was present when Senator Dino Melaye was attacked under his watch in Lokoja. The attacked led to the death of two innocent indigenes of the state leaving numerous others injured. The same Inalegwu motioned his boys who came all the way from Lokoja to arrest me in Abuja on the orders of the Kogi state governor. It is now a known fact that Wilson Inalegwu is a political police officer.
“Wilson Inalegwu should be transferred with immediate effect because he is causing more harm than good within the confluence state. He is not representing the interest of the Nigeria Police but his own interest.
“We call on the Acting President to mediate in this matter to prevent the scenario from escalating”, he added.
It was reported that thugs invaded the chambers of Kogi State House of Assembly during plenary this afternoon despite the presence of heavily armed policemen.
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Kogi: Family of Four Dies of Generator Fumes in Obajana

The cement city of Obajana in Kogi State was weekend thrown into mourning following the discovery of the decomposing bodies of a man, his wife and two children in their building.
The man, Mr John Ayodele along with his family were suspected to have been killed by fume from a power generator mounted in the house.
The late Ayodele, was reported to have been last seen on Friday 28th July, 2017 raising apprehension when the deceased was not seen by his neighbors the following day.
Tension heightened over his continued indoor till Saturday evening with calls on his mobile telephone unanswered.
His Cousin, Chief Richard Asaje, who discovered the bodies said the stench that was emanating from his house in Obajana made them suspicious.
Consequently, Policemen from Obajana Division were alerted and when the door was forced open, the decomposing bodies were discovered.
Asaje explained that power generator fume was suspected as the cause, following the discovery of a power generator there.
According to him, “The incident happened between Friday and Saturday. It should be around 12am Saturday. He put a generator inside his toilet and locked the door. The house is a concrete building and it was discovered that he locked the window.
“Unfortunately, we never knew something had happened the second day, so we forced the door open following the stench emanating from the house.”
The deceased Cousin said their corpses has since been deposited at the Kogi State Specialist Hospital Lokoja.
“The Husband should be around 35, but the wife is less than 30 years. The daughter that died is around four years and the last born is a Boy and is about three months.
“To us as a family is a shocking thing but there is no suspect because their death was caused by the fume of the generator. It has indeed thrown the family into serous mourning mood.
“The entire Family will be laid to mother earth on Friday 4th August, 2017 at Obajana Cemetery”, Asaje concluded
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Pandemonium As Hoodlums Invade Kogi Assembly, Beat Legislators As Speaker Narrowly Escaped

There was pandemonium on Tuesday at the Kogi State House of Assembly after some suspected hoodlums invaded the State House of Assembly, disrupting its plenary sitting and beat up members.
It is understood that the thugs descended on the member representing Igalamela/Odolu constituency, Friday Sani, who was just resuming after been reinstated by a state High Court, beating and inflicted serious injuries on him.
NAN however reports that the Speaker of the House, Alhaji Umar Imam, narrowly escaped when the hoodlums attacked.
Oluwatoyin Lawal (APC-Yagba West) also narrowly escaped being hit by one of the big chairs hauled from the gallery into the chamber while some journalists covering the sitting were also attacked and beaten as they scampered for safety.
Vehicles belonging to the lawmakers were also vandalised within the assembly complex.
The gate of the complex was also locked against the speaker and this enabled the hoodlums to pelt his vehicles with stones and other objects.
Responding to the development, Imam expressed shock, saying the house did not see the attack coming though a bit concerned when security agents inundated the premises in the morning.
He, however said that when the police assured him that they were there to maintain peace and ensure that nothing abnormal happen, he relaxed.
Imam, who told journalists that the house had adjourned indefinitely, however expressed reservation over the conduct of the policemen during the attack on the assembly.
He said, “We have been witnessing crises in assemblies but it had always been in-house, but this one coming from outsiders makes it news, the hoodlums came in and took over in the presence of the policemen.
“The business of the day was carried out with the assurances from the commissioner of police but the hoodlums had a free day in the presence of the policemen.”
Clearly peeved by the incident, Governor Yahaya Bello said his administration would not condone any act of rascality adding, ”anybody that breaks the law will face the law”.
The governor, who spoke through the Director-General, Media and Publicity, Kingsley Fanwo, said security agencies had been directed to fish out the perpetrators of the house.
“We want to denounce insinuations that the governor is scheming for the impeachment of the speaker. The governor is not interested in instigating the impeachment of speaker.
“The members already passed a vote of confidence on the speaker and it is not the responsibility of the governor to install or remove speaker,” he said.
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Monday, 31 July 2017

Death Toll in Kogi Petrol Tanker Accident Rises

The Federal Road Safety Corps ( FRSC) on Saturday said the death toll in the Friday petrol tanker accident in Felele area of Lokoja, has risen to 13.
The state FRSC Sector Commander, Olusegun Martins, told journalists in Lokoja that three other victims died Friday night.
He said a staff of the Kogi state Polytechnic, Lokoja, was one of them.
He said the relations of dead victims have started identifying them but said six of them were burnt beyond recognition.
According to him, eight other injured victims of the accident are still receiving treatment at the intensive care units of the Federal Medical Centre and the State Specialist Hospital, Lokoja.
He said investigation into the cause of the accident was underway.
NAN reports that 10 people died instantly in the accident which occurred at about 1:45 pm on Friday, at Felele area of Lokoja.
The accident occurred as a result of a head-on collision involving a bus and tanker laden with 33,000 litres of petrol.
Witnesses said the collision ignited a fire which engulfed the two vehicles and a commercial tricycle.
Most of the victims were occupants of an 18-seater bus believed to be owned by Delta Line.
The bus was coming from the Abuja end of the road while the tanker was coming from the Okene end.
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People of Kogi State Will Witness a New Thing – Pastor Adeboye

Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye on Saturday dedicated the newly built sixty million naira, 2600 sitting capacity Kogi province 3 Redeem Christian Church of God (RCCG) in Lokoja.
Represented  by the National Overseer of the church, Pastor J.F Adesola, Adeboye said the  people of Kogi state will witness a new thing henceforth, declaring the new edifice as a place of Grace.
He declared that God will roll away their past from the state with the completion of the cathedral. He urged Nigerians irrespective of their religious leaning, noting that God is not a God of tribe, appealed to Nigerians to be united for their prayers to be answered.
Expounding Isiah 43:19, Pastor Adesola urged the people to reposition themselves for the outpouring of the blessings of God. He maintained that God is interested in the welfare of his people and urged the government to make the welfare and well-being of its people a priority.
Pastor Adesola who also prayed for Kogi state government declared that God will make the state to be the best despite its current challenge. He added that God is interested in making the state an envy to others.
The General Overseer’s representative, thanked members of Kogi State Executive Council who have been supporting the work of God in the state, said their lives would be like trees planted by the river.
Earlier, the pastor in charge of the Redeem Christian Church of God Kogi province 3, Pastor Emmanuel Uroupagha acknowledge the power of God in the building and completion of the church. He prayed for the blessings of God in the lives of the people.
The church dedication witnessed healing, deliverance, salvation and diverse miracles. Praises and thanksgiving were also offered to God.
The newly dedicated 2600-sitting capacity church
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Lokoja Tanker Accident; Omede Decries Incessant Loss of Lives on Felele Road

A Past National President of Nigeria Medical Association (NMA), Dr Idris Omede has commiserated with the families of victims of the unfortunate tanker fire in Lokoja last Friday.
In a press statement made available to newsmen in Lokoja on Sunday, Omede called for concerted efforts by Kogi State and Federal Government and relevant agencies of Government, particularly the FRSC to identify the immediate and remote causes of the unfortunate accident and find a lasting solution to the problem.
“Last Friday accident that claimed about 25 lives is one too many accidents on that road. This is the worst in recent history and calls for concern from all and sundry.
“I learnt this particular accident occurred a bad portion of the Federal road around Total filling station in Felele. While join the calls on Federal Government to revisit the construction of Abuja-Lokoja-Okene road, the contract that was awarded many years ago, Omede, who currently is the President of Association of Professional Bodies of Nigeria(APBN), appeals to the state government to fix the bad portions on the road as a temporary measure to safe lives.
“Many lives has been lost on this Abuja- Lokoja- Okene road, especially  around the Felele axis of the Abuja-Lokoja-Okene road. There is a constant heavy vehicular threat to the lives of many Kogi State Polytechnic students and staff, traders and civil servants living  around the Felele area of this ever busy highway, that connects the Northern and Southern parts of Nigeria.
“I call on Kogi state government and stakeholders in the state to treat this call as an emergency and engaged the Federal Ministry of Work to expedite work on this road. The wanton loss of lives from preventable causes on this road is painful. It should be addressed squarely, urgently and seriously, without further delay”, the former NMA President said.
Omede mourned the HND II student of Kogi State Polytechnic, Mariam Amodu, who died in the unfortunate accident. He prayed that God grant the family the fortitude to bear the huge loss.
Mariam, who was buried at Ogbogbo in Igalamela-Odolu local government area of Kogi State, was a student in the Business Administration department before she died in the accident.
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