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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

#IDontLikeWhatIHate, Resigned Ksu SUG PRO Cosmos Ogiri Breaks Silence - Ask For Reasons For The Delay In SUG/Nakoss Elections

Kogi State University Former SUG PRO who is known to be controversial and has in the time past raise up to topics in the SUG unions that created a buzz and saga around campus which everyone talked about for long. This time around he Is looking for answers to what is delaying a new sug/Nakoss election as the semester is getting to an end already.

Read below what he wrote....

"I really want to start analyzing the actions of the Nigerian Federal Governments and the opportunity cost of its actions and inactions with the hash tag #iDontLikeWhatiHate but then as a young man with conscience and a Christian I ask my self if I have the moral justifications to air my voice on the activities of another man's leadership style? Not forgetting so soon how the little opportunity given to me in the Students Union Government was handled. It was one of fights, counter actions and what have you - public show of shame. But that was necessary in the past, two wrongs can't make a right! One of the parties must had a genuine cause of action while the other party must be totally wrong. Two right tools can't be on a logger head and achieve nothing. One must be wrong, the other must be right.

Time is already telling on us, we beginning to know those who where real enemies of the struggle. Need I remind myself that uptill this moment as I pen down my worries that no election have been held in Kogi State University to bring new EXCOS into mother unions of the institution?

What could be the problem? In NAKOSS, aspirants have paid and bought forms for offices and first semester is almost ending. Where is their money? In whose pocket is it? Why hasn't they been election into the SUG and NAKOSS? Who is holding unto the power and for what reason is the person doing so? Why is the populace not reacting?

All these questions have cleared my conscience and I will boldly let time tell us more we need to know. I will let time heal, time speaks volumes and with time I shall regain my moral justifications to unleash my provocation on the present day Nigeria Government via #iDontLikeWhatiHate analysis of the actions of the Nigerian Federal Government and the opportunity cost of its actions and inactions.
Together, we can."

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Hand Over The Mantle - Kogi State Student Cries Out For A New SUG/Nakoss Election


Government is widely believed to be an instrument through which a society is organised in order to maintain law and order as well as advance the necessary social amenities in a community....
Popularly referred to as SUG, Students Union Governments were established in various institutions of higher learning to promote unity, orderliness and smooth relationship between students, school authorities and the state or Federal Government.

It is no news that there ought to have been an election long before now in kogi state state university as the tenur is normally @n academic session ie to mean the tenur of the outgang excos has elapsed...but due to the protracted strike action, the election was not conducted as at when due....

Kudos to the outgoing SUG Executives for their tireless effect, yet as students of Kogi State University , we are being deprived of so many things because it seems we've lost our voice, or perhaps our voice have gone faint, although to some extent the council of departmental presidents has been playing the role of a union, but that is not enough....

The semester is far spent yet it doesn't seem like any thing is ongoing about the election, all the proposed date / rumors were all fruitless; imagine if the election or tenur of a Government in Nigeria was left with power for even 48hrs after due date, what do we think will happen?

Quoting the words of a Comrade....
"Need I remind myself that uptill this moment as I pen down my worries that no election
have been held in Kogi State University to bring new EXCOS into mother unions of the

What could be the problem? In NAKOSS, aspirants have paid and bought forms for
offices and first semester is almost ending. Where is their money? In whose pocket is
it? Why hasn't there been election into the SUG and NAKOSS? Who is holding unto the
power and for what reason is the person doing so? Why is the populace not reacting?

All these questions have cleared my conscience and I will boldly let time tell us more
we need to know"

And Quoting the words of another Comrade........
"By extension I am not suppose to talking about KSU Unionisms again but unfortunately it happened like this, as I'm talking to you myself has started having issue with some powers that be in KSU due to my usual way of said what I think is right for me and the entire students, we are every ready to conduct election and handover whatever in our possession but university management keep telling us stories and you know that we have a limited power as regarded KSU because students handbook's which has been their medium of threat to every one of us."

ITS not that the populace dont know about all the "truths and lies" flying all around and the least of the populace will know that there has been reason(s) why the power hasnt been handed over...People are watching far and wide and even for future purposes. Whatever the reason, we dont wanna know again.

All we demand is that elections should hold for posts in the unions (SUG & NAKOSS) this semester ASAP, for the interest of all students.... Appeal Goes to all bodies responsible for the conduction of this said election....Enough is Enough, We Need New Executives.
A new Government we Demand...
And I kept thinking through the night......

Oluwafemi yinka olinxs
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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Appreciation To All Comrades And The Entire Students Of Kogi State University By Faruk S Sabo!!

First ant foremost i want to appreciate and thank All the student leaders stakeholders that have been at the forefront throughout all this periods trials that fought gallantly like the the soldiers in the battle fields risking their life's to make sure student return to class room God bless you all (comr hussaini Hussein Attaja Abubakar Sadiq Ojima Jacob Patrick Kashimshuaib philip omepa,Anthony Edogbo abdulmalik Abdulhadi Abdulmalik Mohammed Buhari Jibril Ahmed Amani Dale Pascal okpanachi, ibrahim jibril ojomapkene,Emmanuel Unubi Abubakar Isah Muhammed Audu Abbas Adaji Ak Musa ademu Adamu Abdulrahman Bashiru Ojomaje Musa Yahyaly Ahmad Olugbemi Ojo Tina Ibrahim Muhammad Oziandu.....and i will also like to shower encomium on our most venerated lectures who took it upon dem selves to fight for the future of the students instead of them selves...Dr s.o Usman God shall continue to shower his blessing upon your house holds.
Important i wish to use this avenue to welcome back both old news student back on campus and safe journey as you all prepare to resume..conclusively in the words of Theodore Roosevelt who said far better it is to dare mighty things,to win glorious triumphs even though checkered by failure,than to remain with those spirits who neither much nor suffer much because they live in the gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat,we have to much to do to sit on the side lines of the gray twilight into bright sunshine so that we can all see the down of a new day!!!
Faruk sabo shuaib
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Saturday, 8 November 2014

Most Difficult Universities To Make First-Class In Nigeria?

In my opinion, it is much easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for students to make first class in these institutions:

1. Federal University of Technology Akure (FUTA)
2. University of Ibadan (UI)
3. Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU)
4. University of Benin (UNIBEN)
5. University Of Ilorin (UNILORIN)

In kogi state university (KSU), to graduate with first class in management sciences no be beans oh..... Even if you get two head dem no go give u.

What’s your view?

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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Smiles return back to the face of KSU students after 3 weeks without Electricity.

There was a thunderous shout and rejoice, gallore insome sections around the Off campus of the kogi state university today the 3rd of November 2014, but what

exactly happened?. Sit back relax and fasten your seatbelt as femstac has  brings to you what has been happening for weeks where some student lodges in Kogi state university don't have light.
Just this Saturday the 1st day of the month of November, students that are been affected by the spoilt
Transformer around Asta quarters converged in front of Eagles at around 7.30am both male and female to have a peaceful protest down to the NEPA office, the journey
started at about 7.50am on their way a student name (not disclosed) was hit by a motorcycle, the scene caused a little bit of turpsy-Turvy by the already angry
students and there was a transfer of aggression from them to the rider, thou it was finally settled.
Exactly 8.25am by my wristwatch they got to the NEPA
office low and behold all the NEPA workers, officials
including the man that has been parading himself as the
manager all the while and the new manager were all
present. First and foremost the angry students switched
off the generator and was been carried away before the
leader of the peaceful protest pleaded for them to return
the generator.
The NEPA manager who refused to disclose his name
summoned the student for some peaceful talk and
deliberation but the student remained Adamant and
insisted they want to know why are they still in
darkness after all this weeks, even when they have come
here times without numbers to lay an official complain,
the manager tried to explain but before we know what
was happening the Police as already invaded the NEPA
premises with guns and ammunitions, some students
ran for their dear lives, of course the police didn't shoot
at anybody neither was there any casualties recorded.
The D.C.O. In person of Willy Mama summoned the
students to come closer and pleaded that the manager
should be given time to express his mind and say what
was disturbing the transformer for been fixed. And he
said "Great Nigerian students" which the students didn't
answer, he went further saying " he knows what the
students are passing through that the engineers that
ought to come and run a PC&M test on the transformer
from Lokoja are yet to come, that there's a need for
them to run a PC&M test on the spoilt transformer to
see if its still going to be available for use"
"He pleaded that they need to be given time to be able
to carry out those tests" it was there the students
disclosed to the DCO that the NEPA are the brain behind
been in blackout, that they know the transformer cannot
accumulates so much loads, they still went further
distributing the light, to the extent of a man name
withheld impersonating himself as NEPA manager
collecting money from houses, lodges, industries on this
same 500kv transformer, to the extent of giving a
particular Line known as (Reclin) to an uncompleted
building after collecting over #150,000.
t would be recalled that the governor's father Late Pa
Wada before he dies played a very instrumental role for
the students in bringing this transformer for them to
use. And gave the students of that axis directives to
report anybody that claims he's a NEPA official trying to
connect from the transformer to another axis, of which
happened severally but studnets won't just allow them
to do that, its a pity that the death of the man finally
brought the problem and the transformer finally spoilt
due to the overloading of the NEPA workers.
The DCO having heard all this asked the student what to
they want, the students said firstly they should
disconnect all those that are not bonafied benefiaries of
the transformer and that latest by monday the
transformer should be fixed up or a new one should be
provided. Immediately the NEPA put a call through to
his superior in IDAH, and he ordered that the students to
nominate 5 people that will come with the manager to
On getting to IDAH they had a peaceful deliberation and
concluded that the transformer should be repaired
immediately, and surprisingly they started work on
Sunday by repairing the gasket, pistin & Ring they bought
some kegs full of Oil and was been poured in and on
monday afternoon they completed what they started and
it was switched on, up to the time of filling this report
femstecNews gathered that the transformer is working
perfectly well at least for now.
Speaking with some student at the transformer venue
where the NEPA where still working, a female student
Haulat yusuf 300 level mass communication dislose to
this source saying " yes now we can stay in our houses
do whatever we want to do with the light and no need of
carrying our gadgets outside to charge.
A male final year student Of accounting Ogbonmeh
promise said, it was hell without the light one can't
complete his or her project on time without the light but
now one can feel free and do whatever at will. A 100
level student by name cecilia said she has used almost
the little stipents been send to her to pay for charging #
50 a day if you calculate that a month you will buy a
jean she laughs. But now all that is over.
The students will like to thank Some lodges like
Sanctuary Lodge, Potters House, Believers Lodge, Royal
Garden, Millionaires Quarters and most especially Eagles
Lodge for their unrelented effort in making sure that
electricity is been restored back for them, especially
now that exams is fast approaching, and not forgetting
the policemen, NEPA officials, and the Late Pa Wada for
the role they took. Before during and after this incident.
See pictures of the scene below.
Written by Adeyanju Femi
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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Samuel Oche Popularly known as Silent

In this edition of MADE IN KSU EXCLUSIVE interviews, we decide to bring in MC Silent, the C.E.O of silent Ent. He talks about showbiz in ksu, how it goes and his plans to take it to the next level.

Raj: Nice having you here. May we meet you?
Silent: Thank you very much, am by name Samuel Oche popularly known as SILENT. a student of kogi state university, dept of banking & finance, management sciences. An entertainer by potential, the CEO of SILENT ENT.

Raj: So how do you make your way in becoming one of the best Event Organizer/planner in Kogi state university?

Silent: Talking about being one of the best event planner in ksu, i dnt see myself as such yet, but the truth is that silent is always working minute that i dnt think of what should be done or added to an event, so my pen and paper is my best frnd. As an organizer, once an idea drop i write.

Raj:. How many Events have you host since you gained admission in KSU and how many have you Organized, or be part of the organizers?

Silent: So far I have done four event in school, and a hangout event during ma diploma days, making it five, I have also organized up to 5 different event in ksu...and have been part of different event as members of de organizing committee
Raj: So how do you see fashion in Kogi state university?

Silent: Hmmmmmm…. talking about fashion in ksu, 2 an extent we are tryin.... 20% dress well, 30% off point & 50% knows how to apply colors(exotic) making it 100%.

Raj:. Tell us, in the entire event you have attended in KSU, who is the most dressed. Is it the guys or the ladies?

Silent: Story for de gods.... talking about school event, the guys dress more than the girls (ksu skul event i said)

Raj: How is the turn up Like? How do KSU students turn up for shows?
 Silent: Hmmmmmm the turn up for event in ksu is very very  poor, organizers de try i swear, bt still thank God for grace & also 2 all lovers(fans) of Silent ent, they really  dey stand by us, i luv una xo much.

Raj: What do you think needs to be put in place so that social gathering in Kogi university would be worth going to?

Silent: showbiz is like a market where people buy & sell, how marketable is the theme of your event? Awareness, how many people are truely aware of your event, not the one they do on the street a  day b4 the event, neva give a child same food all the time...he will get tired of that meal, do something new, be CREATIVE.

Raj: Tell us, how much does it cost you to Set up a show in KSU. Give us the break down.

Silent: talking about the cost of event in ksu, the bill of all events are neva the same, some can cost you hundred and fifty thousand naira, five hundred thousand naira, even a million naira, so it depend on what you have in mind.

Raj:. So do you recover your money back after the end of the show?

Silent: for now "NO" but we are  doing it for the 2morrow and not NOW.

Raj: What is that thing that makes all your shows different from others?

Silent: GRACE, my fans, creativity, hard work, passion to introduce something new, well planned event, relationship, early awareness, bro e plenty oooooo....
Raj: What do you think other event organizers in KSU need to do to boost their event?

Silent: early awareness, carry people along, creativity, not getting use to ur fans (surprise them with new event), period and time u fix ur event matters, advice from d.o.s ahead.

Raj:. Now let's get personal. Why are you called "Silent"? What's behind the name?

Silent: Silent!!! Came as results of do more talk less, i hate talking but like acting.

Raj: Briefly, tell us about your family background

Silent: i came from a God fearing family, i have wonderful siblings, average parent.

Raj: Are you in any relationship?


Raj: okk, I wont ask for her name coz I know u wont tell me. Tell us how do you handle academics with showbiz? 

Silent: i balance the equation between my  studies n showbiz + God

Raj: Tell us your Relationship between ceo jabele ent. Mc Prof

Silent: my Relationship btw ceo jabele ent(mc prof)and i is that of brothers, mentorship and followership
What you don’t see u can’t capture, I believe in mc prof  vision

Raj: What should we be expecting from you?

Silent: lot in ma mind coming Ur way e.g ksu nite of fashion/designers, ksu got talent/operation rep ur faculty, ksu best of dj's, yearly miss Photogenic. made in ksu e much abeg

Raj: so what is the Vision of Silent ent, and where will it be years to come or is it stopping in school?

Silent: Silent ent is beyond ksu, right now i have a biz in hrt for Silent ent @ abuja & other state, ksu is just a training school

Raj: To cap it all, tell us random stuff about you that we don't know.

Silent: out of my 24hours in a day i use 20 working and thinking of what next... and I  eat once a day mostly.

SHOUT OUT:Silent: My shoutout goes to my fans, mc Prof, sunrich, Pweety b, b.blaze, mc youngee, 2saint, nabafs 200level & all the EDISMA KINGDOM FAMILY
Silent: My word of advice to everyone out there is neva to give up on their struggle & hustle in life...keep working it will pay

Have a nice time Mr silent, wish you goodluck in all.

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Monday, 27 October 2014

Comrade Oluwasegun Sunday AKA MC SHEGX is coming out for D.O.S of Accrounting Department

Meet Comrade Oluwasegun Sunday Oluwaseun Popularly Known as MC Shegx.  A 200l student of the great department accounting Mgt science Kogi state university. He hails  from kabba\bunu local government. Mc Shegx is coming out for the post of director of social and culture 1 accounting.. He thereby need your support and vote thanks.

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Monday, 13 October 2014

[KSU STUDENT VIEW] Very funny. Read this facebook post by a ksu student.

Kolawole Wolexykuzy Pehlumi > Kogi State University
Campus Gist

I met this girl on facebook and we have been
chatting for 6 months now.
This morning, i logged in and i saw her online,
and we started chatting immediately.
ME: Hello
HER: hi hapy weekend.
ME: same to u dear
HER: so what do you have 4 me 4 dis weekend?
ME: Habba! Big girl like u is asking for
4 somtin?.
HER: Abeg ooO. Me am not a big girl ooO.
U want
to deny me a flexing weekend abi? ....
I quickly went to
buy N500
and send the pin into her chat inbox....
ME: dear
manage this please.
HER: no, pls am only joking. I will not take that.
ME: please please.
HER: and i refuse. I cnt take anything from you.
I quickly loaded the card and transfered it into
her line acct...
HER: You think you are smart eh?
A minute latter
I heard an alert msge tang-tang..''N1 000 is
trasfered to Yo
u from...
ME: whats the meaning of that?
HER: i told you, youu shldn't. ...
(this girl wan show me big girl abi?)
I used my
last N2000 to buy card, load
am, making N3000 and send it to her. ....
minutes latter, an alert, tang-
N6000 is transfered to u from.
chaiii..this girl wan try me?
And i dont have any money
I called my friend and
borrowed the N6000 he was keeping for his land lord,I
him i will be expecting N24,000 in the next
5min and i will pay him back...I quickly buy card of
N6000, and sent her the N12,000..
And i kept my phone close to my ear expectingalert...
10 minutes later, instead of message alert, it was a call
from her...
''Hello dear, just call to thank you for the
Weekend gift we'll chatlatter''....
chaiiiii!!!! chaiii!!!! chaiii!!!!
(am sweatingsiriously)
Now, landlord is on my friends neck and he is onmy neck
Somebody Do Something ooO!!!!
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Dolla Danladi
ok u ar not mumu again but mugu
Like · Yesterday at 1:07pm
Shuaib Harun
D@s y is gud 2 b who u ar.stop pride.
Like · Yesterday at 1:08pm
Kolawole Wolexykuzy Pehlumi
@harun... i don't get what you trying to say.
Like · Yesterday at 1:21pm
Kolawole Wolexykuzy Pehlumi
@ still dey call me mugu bah?
Like · Yesterday at 1:23pm
Yunisa Sunday
U no serious
Like · Yesterday at 2:00pm
Hellen B Omosehin
God bless d girl, na so now wht did expect (oleyo)
Like · Yesterday at 2:17pm
Usman Alidu
Guy u don jons
Like · Yesterday at 2:37pm
Kolawole Wolexykuzy Pehlumi
me sef sabi say i don jons oooo..... Me don already enter
jonzy world.... Enough is enough ooo..... No more abusing all should go and speep.
Like · Yesterday at 2:49pm
Prince Dave Ottahson
Guy na ur luck u no go try dat cheat again for ur life
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Yusuf Buniyamin
Ugbaje Ugbede
Oboi, u r capital mumu
Like · Yesterday at 11:12pm
Benita John
U be mugu 1.continue dey form big guy.hahaha
Like · Today at 12:14am
James Ojochona Bakwo
Go n borrow more money n still send to her.
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Amuta John Egbaojo
Ur typ is stii dey
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Onuh Joe
oboy na waaoo for
Like · 7 hours ago
Onuh Joe
Like · 7 hours ago
Akin Oluwafemi Oratorpappyj
Foolish maga......learn frm ur mixtake nd move on maybi u
could gt anoder mumu lyk u!
Like · 2 hours ago
Kolawole Wolexykuzy Pehlumi guys never cease to amaze me with these
your abusive words..haba... Enough of that insults
please....spare me.. I dont need any of your comments again
Like · Just now
Kolawole Wolexykuzy Pehlumi
just keep them for yourselvies....
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